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Hallowmas - Beak mask in Gothic style

Hi darlings, whats up ?? Today is Hallowmas Day and nothing better than posting today be about it!!
Are you well prepared for the Halloween party? Well, you need a perfect Gothic Halloween costume to compliment your party.A beak mask with Halloween is essential to make your Gothic wear elegant. Dressing well for Halloween party is all you need right now. A matching outfit is what you need. However, if you feel you are clueless on what to wear don’t worry because I have provided every essential information that will help you choose your Halloween wear.Read on and find out. 
Origin of the Bird’s Beak mask 
In every modern culture most people are curious to know how some certain wear came to be before wearing them. Therefore, let me quench your curiosity before you start purchasing a Halloween beak mask yet possibly you don’t understand why people wear them.
Well, the history of Halloween can be dated back to 1900 years ago in Northern France, England, and Ireland. It was popularly known as Samhain; which is a Celtic celebration.
It was believed that it was yet another moment that the souls of the dead could mingle with the living. Therefore, the beak masks and costume that you normally see people wearing during Halloween party is among the prominent symbols of the black death. During 17 the century plaque struck and the plaque doctors had to be hired by towns and villages to attend to the victims.

However, who invented the plaque doctor suit? Since plaque doctors were in contact with the patients harboring deadly disease Charles de I'Orme who was a physician designed the suit which had some elements that made it recognizable. First, it had a leather hat which was worn on the head as an indication that the wearer was a doctor. Some believed that it was a protective mechanism against bacteria.

Why do you think the masks had beaks? This is a question which most people usually ask themselves. The plague doctor mask is another popular item which had a long bird beak. According to researchers, it was documented that the plaque was being spread by the birds. Therefore, the beak was packed with strong smelly substances such as mint, ambergris, and Rose petals.It was believed that it could prevent one from inhaling the bad air. 
Other elements of the suit include a long overall coat which its neckline was tucked behind the coat which rolled till the feet. Finally, plaque doctor would carry a wooden cane which was used to examine the patient without necessarily touching him. It was also used for defense against hostile patients. 
Characteristics of the Mask 
Bird masks have been improved since its invention. The manufacturers are trying to make it more convenient and elegant for you. Let us have a look at some characteristics of the Mask. 
1. ColorThese masks can be found in a variety of colors but the most common and popular one is black. However, you might realize that decorate props with a different color can be used. Steampunk Gothic Brown PU leather wings bird mask is brown but it has a black beak to complement the color of the hat. Choice of color is very important to match the plague doctor costume. Most people prefer black because they feel it makes the mask classy.

2. MaterialsThe choice of material is essential for a good mask. Popular materials that can be used in making these masks include PU leather, rubber, and latex. These materials are usually of high quality and they make the mask durable. Some people feel like when latex material is used they need to provide adequate ventilation to make it more comfortable.PU leather is a premium quality material which has received positive reviews from the users. Apparently, ensure for any choice of material you choose for your mask ensure it is of high quality and durable so that you might not experience discomfort when wearing during Halloween party.
3. Style
Various styles are used to make these masks elegant. Some masks like steampunk Gothic have leather wings fittings which makes it look nice. Most of the masks have excellent designs like crow mask which includes decorative designs around the eye and the beak. Copper or golden rivet decorations can also be used as well as the steampunk style which is more fashionable. Ventilation holes are also designed perfectly to make it comfortable.

Additionally, there should be a strap that holds it firmly. You can adjust the lower and the upper band to a suitable dimension that makes it comfortable. Wearing a mask with Halloween props is suitable for Halloween party since it is attractive and a good choice for photography. Steampunk outfit should be complemented with a black top hat to make it complete and glamorous.
Therefore, in most cases, it is wise to go for a non-toxic odorless mask which has been treated and deodorize because it is suitable for your health. Some people are allergic to certain scents which can make them uncomfortable. Before you put on any mask, check if it is breathable. You will not want to suffocate yourself right? Then you need to ensure your mask is well ventilated that makes you breathe normally.

Types of accessories
Accessories compliments your beak mask. You could be looking for black Robe, black hat, black hand cover, white wig, etc but the ultimate goal is to look elegant. Let us have a look at some of them.
Butterfly decoration and short Gothic gloves are good accessories for a Gothic outfit. The materials used are Nylon and polyamide which makes it more fashionable. Additionally, Halloween Gothic wear will not miss a long Halloween windbreaker especially when you are wearing an outfit which has a collar.

Steampunk Gothic style offers decorative props like winged bird mask which can be brown which can extend to the eye openings. Such outfit is compatible with a black top hat as in the case of steampunk Gothic Brown PU leather wings Bird mask.
All these accessories are to make your Gothic wear more attractive as you prepare to attend Halloween party.

Are you yearning to be a Halloween queen or prince? Well, Gothic style has a lot in store for you. Halloween mask in Gothic style is what you need for the party! Do you want to know more about Gothic costumes of Fairytales,let’s ring the Gothic bells out!


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